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The corporate plan 2019-2022 sets out the overall strategic direction of the council including its vision and priorities. This guides everything the council will do for the city and its residents and visitors for the period. As such, the plan acts as the overarching policy framework for the council. You can download a copy of the Corporate Plan by following: 



People living well

How this will this be achieved Working with our partners, we will:

1. Support people in Norwich to feel safe and welcomed.

2. Provide means for people to lead healthy, connected, fulfilling lives, particularly those who are most vulnerable.

3. Ensure there is a range of cultural, leisure and social opportunities and activities for all.

4. Tackle homelessness and rough sleeping.


Great neighbourhoods, housing and environment

Working with our partners, we will:

  1. Maintain a clean and sustainable city with a good local environment that people value
  2. Ensure our services mitigate against any adverse effects of climate change and are efficient to reduce carbon emissions
  3. Build and maintain a range of affordable and social housing
  4. Improve the quality and safety of private sector housing
  5. Continue sensitive regeneration of the city that retains its unique character and meets local needs

Inclusive economy

How this will this be achieved

Working with our partners, we will:

  1. Mobilise activity and investment that promotes a growing, diverse, innovative and resilient economy.
  2. Address barriers to employability and enhance social mobility.
  3. Improve the quality of jobs, particularly in low pay sectors.
  4. Increase the impact of our assets and purchasing power on reducing inequality.

A healthy organisation

How this will this be achieved

This means we need to be:

  • Financially stable and resilient
  • High performing

And to have:

  • High levels of staff satisfaction
  • High levels of customer satisfaction