Welcome to Norwich City Council's Citizen's Portal

The corporate plan 2015-2020 sets out the overall strategic direction of the council including its vision and priorities. This guides everything the council will do for the city and its residents and visitors for the period. As such, the plan acts as the overarching policy framework for the council. You can download a copy of the Corporate Plan by following: https://www.norwich.gov.uk/info/20277/performance_and_open_data/1859/corporate_plan 


A Safe, Clean and Low Carbon City

We want to ensure that Norwich is safe and clean for all citizens and visitors to enjoy and that we create a sustainable city where the needs of today can be met without compromising the ability of future citizens to meet their own needs.

A Prosperous and Vibrant City

We want Norwich to be a prosperous and vibrant city in which businesses want to invest and where everyone has access to economic, leisure and cultural opportunities.

A Fair City

We want Norwich to be a fair city where people are not socially, financially or digitally excluded and inequalities are reduced as much as possible.

A Healthy City with Good Housing

We want to ensure that people in Norwich are healthy and have access to appropriate and good quality housing.

Value for Money Services

The council is committed to ensuring the provision of efficient, effective and quality public services to residents and visitors. Whilst we will continue to face considerable savings targets over the next five years, we will continue to protect and improve those services our citizensí value most as much as we possibly can.